Special Opportunities

Special Opportunities picture of a McDaniel Student at the great pyramids illustration

Expand Your Viewpoint

McDaniel is a great place for ambitious, adventurous students who want to see the world and be better prepared to live in a global society. You’ll find lots of opportunities to maximize your four years here.


Study Abroad for a full semester at our own McDaniel Europe campus in Budapest, Hungary or a host of other destinations.


Collaborate with your professor on a research project and gain more valuable work experience at an internship or externship.


Explore a topic outside your comfort zone in an intensive three-week Jan Term course on campus or overseas.


Stretch yourself and apply to the Honors Program to tap into Honors housing, unique research opportunities and innovative seminars.


The Center for Experience & Opportunity connects students with experiences and opportunities designed to enhance classroom learning, support career exploration and aspirations, and develop ties to local and global communities.


Global Initiatives is here to help you develop a deep and broad understanding of our complex, increasingly connected world — and to help you find your place in it.


If you love the idea of inventing the future, are willing to work hard to make the world a better place and aspire to work for yourself someday, then The Encompass Distinction is designed for you.