Off-Campus Study Tours

 January Term: nicaragua illustration

McDaniel College recognizes that study tours represent a particularly rewarding opportunity for our students. Whether one travels to upstate New York or Asia, a study tour is a full immersion in a different culture, historical perspective, physical environment, or specific scholarly pursuit. Because we recognize the significance of such an experience, we have listed below all of the study tours for the coming January Term, so you may readily familiarize yourself with the possibilities and consider very carefully which will be best for you. Courses are subject to change.

Jan Term 2016: Off-Campus Study Tours

Myths, Monks, Monuments - IDS 1156 (Greece)
Animating Life - EPE 1134 (U.S.)
Discovering Dublin and Beyond - GNI 1137 (Ireland)
Going Pro San Antonio - EPE 2000 (U.S. - Westminster and Texas)
Model U.N. International Simulation - PSI 2271 (U.S.)
Scuba Diving the World - EPE 1135 (Ecuador)
The Forest Online - IDS 1132 (Perú)
Theater Festival Experience - THE 1142 (U.S.)
Theater Tour - THE 1144 (Ireland/England)
Through the Lens - ART 1187 (Italy)
Tropical Marine Biology - BIO 1172 (Bahamas)

More as information becomes available.