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General Application Requirements

McDaniel Europe in Budapest, Hungary. illustration

Before applying for a study abroad program students are advised to meet with the director of study abroad. Early planning is recommended. Catalogs and application forms are available at the International Programs Office. Please note the following:

  1. McDaniel College requires that students have a minimum grade point average of 2.00 to study abroad. Some foreign universities and American study abroad programs require a minimum 3.00 GPA.
  2. McDaniel College is affiliated with a large group of American study abroad programs and a few foreign universities and programs. Students who participate in affiliated study abroad programs may use their federal and state financial aid/scholarships. McDaniel College aid cannot be used for study abroad, except for McDaniel College Budapest and the Brussels.
  3. Students who attend one of the affiliated institutions/programs have their grades as well as credits transferred to McDaniel College. Courses taken at an affiliate are considered McDaniel College courses. These courses have to be McDaniel courses so that students may use their federal and state financial aid. Billing for affiliated programs is handled through the Bursar's Office at McDaniel College.
  4. Students who enroll in study abroad programs not affiliated with the College must request a "leave of absence" from the Associate Dean of Student Academic Life (Office of Academic Affairs). Only credits (no grades) transfer from non-affiliated programs. Federal, State, and McDaniel College aid cannot be used for non-affiliated programs.
  5. The sophomore or junior year (one or both semesters) is the time most frequently selected for study abroad. The best time to go depends upon the student's academic program. Second semester first-year students may study abroad. With special permission, students may study abroad during their senior year.