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Study Abroad Financial Aid

Before applying for a study abroad program, students are advised to meet with the study abroad director. Early planning is recommended. Catalogs and application forms are available at the International Programs Office in Hill Hall 105.

McDaniel College is affiliated with a group of American study abroad programs and providers as well as several foreign universities. A student's federal and state financial aid may be applied to affiliated study abroad programs. However, McDaniel College aid/scholarships cannot be used for study abroad, except for the McDaniel College Budapest program and the Brussels Exchange Program. No financial aid or scholarships (Federal, State, and McDaniel College aid) can be applied to non-affiliated programs.

Aid that can be used for study abroad costs:

  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Stafford Loan
  • All Maryland State Grants and Scholarships
  • S.E.L.F. Loan*
  • Federal SEOG Grant
  • Federal Perkins Loan

*Hilary A. Faw Memorial Student Emergency Loan Fund. Though studying abroad is not an emergency, this fund can be used to do so. It is no interest or low interest loan with a $3,000 maximum. Students must be juniors or seniors. Final loan approval is made by the donor, after a personal interview with the student.

Your program must be affiliated with McDaniel College in order to receive the above aid.

Aid that cannot be used for study abroad costs at programs other than McDaniel College Budapest and the Brussels Exchange Program:

  • McDaniel Academic Scholarship
  • McDaniel Grant and all other McDaniel Awards

Note: The International Programs Office has a small discretionary fund that may be used in exceptional circumstances to assist study abroad students. Support form the fund which is normally in the range of $200 to $400, may be used to help defray the cost of overseas travel to the host counrty. It is typically given to one or two students each semester at the discretion of the IPO director.

Studying abroad will not affect the amount of your financial aid when you return to McDaniel College.

Procedures for students:

  • Notify the Financial Aid Office as soon as your plans are firm, but at least one (1) month prior to departure.
  • Provide the Financial Aid Office with a list of all associated costs of the program. It should include not only tuition, but housing, food, transportation (local and overseas) and miscellaneous fees. Copies of letters or catalogues with current costs are the best way to do this.
  • Apply for Financial Aid as usual. If you are away for the spring semester, remember you still must apply for financial aid in March for the following year.
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